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and he has a slight edge when it comes to handling the economy. 48% say mr. obama would do a better job compared to 46% who side with romney. on friday, mr. obama made a three-stop blitz here in ohio, staking his closing argument on the auto bailout, which is widely popular here. and which republicans oppose. he also slammed romney for claiming that jeep is shipping jobs to china. it's a claim the romney campaign defends that has been widely discredited. take a listen to what president obama had to say. >> the car companies themselves have told governor romney to knock it off. gm said we think creating jobs in the united states should be a source of bipartisan pride. and i couldn't agree more. >> reporter: now early voting has begun here in ohio with 35% saying they've already voted early or plan to do so. obama is leading among those voters 62-36%, but romney is up among election day voters 52-42%. the fact that president obama has a number of planned visits here in ohio before election day suggests that the obama campaign is not satisfied that they have locked down this state. as for
in the too big to fail scenario of 08 is when hank paulson said if this doesn't pass there will be no economy on monday. to you think with the romney or obama as president of another such moment occurred that the tea party types would listen to people like that and still send the economy down the drain? >> well, there is a moment that i memorialize in my book during the debt ceiling standoff that i think is real, you know, illustrative. the thinking of the more conservative flank. and it was the house leaders, you know, i'm answering your question in a general way because i can speak specifically in the future. but there were concerned. they believe that ceiling needed to be raised. they did believe that risking the full faith and credit of the netting states was a very dangerous proposition. they believe that a default would be a terrible thing for this country, and so because they could see that a lot of there fellow members did not believe that to be the case they brought in this treasury, this former treasury undersecretary named j. paul who served in the george herbert walker bush of min
for romney. in ohio, polls reliablely show romney two to five points behind the president. political observers spent a fair amount of time why barack obama is outperforming his national numbers in ohio, among white men. the ohio economy is outperforming the national economy. ohio has a lower unemployment rate than the nation at large, it's seen a faster rate of improvement. a big reason for that is, of course, the auto rescue initiated under the bush administration and executed under the barack obama team. an estimated 160,000 of them wouldn't have jobs if the government wouldn't have stepped in with loans. the reason that it comprised one-half of joe biden's two-line campaign slogan for election and why romney tried to race away from the position at the time he held at the time of the crisis, to let the auto industry go through a free fall bankruptcy. now, i supported the auto rescue at the time. i think it's been well handled by the obama administration. there's something more bizarre that after the first term, the president ended the war in iraq, passed landmark reform and a healt
to compete within the global economy. >> moderator: congressman davis. if mitt romney gets elected, he suggests putting money back toward the state. you think there is a role for federal government in education? davis: a post secondary education is the key to that. the state has nine universities and colleges. anybody elected to this the testament education a priority. i am in favor of increasing the amount of programs that are available to students, just like the ones here at isu. government should we have access to federal student loan programs so that students can afford to go to college and get that training to make sure that that career is on their side. when we talk about education funding from the federal level, but also bring it down to elementary and secondary education. they own about 5% of the overall funding for elementary and secondary education. it seems as though they are about 95% of other rules and regulations. those school districts have to follow those rules and regulations. what we have to do is ensure more local control is put forth. so that they make the decisions
sock do i own. this falls into the mitt romney camp. ashley: not in great shape. charles: not in great shape. congress using the act. it really is just a club asking for unreasonable adjustments in the coal industry. the weak economy. we had a couple years where electricity demand the client. that rarely happens. then we really had that have had a real winter and a longtime in the northeast. they reported today they lost $0.21. the street thought they would lose $0.45. september 3 it started to turn out. after the debates, it really started to turn up. it hit 26 here in the last couple days. everyone has their different roles. that has been an interesting poll to me from wall street. we think romney may pull it off. it is a little sideways today, but that we have this curious reaction. ashley: which is interesting. charles: a natural is sort of the longshot and obviously with the risk comes an award. tracy: you have talked so much about the coal industry being beaten to death by this industry. this is a very risky play. charles: very risky. this is someone they consider if romney one.
, thank you, guys. thank you! >>gregg: governor romney talking to a large and cheering call saying president obama is playing small ball politics and saying attacks are on his agenda and then he laid out his plan to fix america's economy and solve the dire jobless problem. it is an important day for the republican candidate for the very first time in this critical swing state of ohio, he is actually tied with president obama in two separate polls, 48 to 48 in one and 49 to 49 in the other. that is quite a comeback for a nominee who not long ago was behind in ohio by double digits. can he hold on and increase the momentum over the next nine days >> but, first, a weather alert. now the latest updaylight advisory on hurricane sandy. the news is not getting better for people on the eastern seaboard. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's election headquarters. >>gregg: glad you are with us. this hurricane will soon merge with a snowstorm and a cold front resulting in a rare and extremely dangerous event. sandy is bringing major cities to their knees forcing cancellations of thous
affected. both candidates are off the trail. mitt romney may show up as close as new jersey. >> gretchen: the president says he needs four more years to fix the economy. what has he accomplished over the first four years? we will take a closer look. charles gasparino from the "fox business" network with startling numbers just ahead. >> steve: and then a daring rescue after more than a dozen people on a replica ship made for a movie were stranded at sea. one of the brave heros who rescued 14 of those crew members will join us live bob... oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both running a nice, clean race. no need to get nasty. here's your "honk if you had an affair with taylor" yard sign. looks good. [ male announcer ] fedex office. now save 50% on banners. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn
" endorsed mitt romney, first time they've done that since richard nixon in 197 have they recoursed a republican. that was about the economy, about a focus on jobs, the ability to work with congress. i think this will be the big final push over the next nine days. it's what you can't see in front of the cameras. it's a get out the vote operation, early voting, how they drum up intensity and enthusiasm among the key groups they have to get out. that's the name of the game right now. >> i want to the bring you back to sandy and the state of virginia. we're expecting to get hit hard with the power outages and everything. this could be crucial with it being such a key battle ground state. >> no question. we have to see what the damage is, what the impact is actually like and whether this means a couple of days where they're away or if it's longer than that, if cleanup stretches in closer to election day. but, again, this impact is potentially on early voting is an issue. that's something the obama team thinks favors them in a state like virginia. we just have to wait and see. >> who do
in the closing days even though i agree with meagan that the economy and other issues will be just as important. >> erin mcpike, i understand you're in ohio right now. governor romney joined congressman ryan on the bus tour, you wrote that the race might not just boil down to the buckeye state. we've all been talking about that. buff it may boil down to two counties, hamilton county and cuyahoga county. give me the rationale behind that? >> cuyahoga county is where cleveland is, the most populous county in the state. we've got over a million people there and about 900,000 voters there. now, president obama won cuyahoga county over john mccain in 2008 by a larger number of voters than he won the entire state of ohio in 2008. they really want to drive up their numbers there and hold their own in hamilton county where i am now in cincinnati, president obama won hamilton county in 2008. but in the 2010 governors erase, ted strickland, a democrat narrowly lost the county to john kasic, the governor there now. you're seeing the most voters in these two counties. that's really important to them. the o
back. >> reporter: now romney also use ad slight uptick in those jobs numbers yesterday, unemployment going up 7.8 to 7.9% to say this is not what a real recovery looks like that america deserves better. course the economy being the corner stone of his campaign from the beginning. you can expect to hear that a lot over the next few days. >>ian crawford in newington, new hampshire. thank you. >>> polls say that the biggest issue in this presidential campaign is unemployment and the jobs report for october released friday as you just heard from jan is decidedly mixed. the labor department said 171,000 new jobs were anticipated nationwide. but the overall unemployment rate edged up slightly to 7.9%. so how might these numbers affect tuesday's election? joining us are the newly appointed columnist at yahoo! finance and john dickerson. as we heard the politicians can take these numbers and spin them both ways. on the one hand there's more job creation. on the other hand there's more people looking for work who can't find it. >> i don't think it changes the whole economic
. it connects to the arguments the romney campaign has been making is basically the obama machine is trying to hood wink people into not thinking about his record and the economy. when former you know secretary of state and chair of the joint chiefs of staff colin powell comes up and endorses barack obama in 2008, that was a huge deal. people in the mccain campaign told us it pushed obama over the edge. he does it again, here's john sununu on another cable network talking about why that was the case. >> colin powell decided to opt for president obama again despite apparently being a republican. is it time he left the party, do you think? >> well, i'm not sure how important that is. i do like the fact that colin powell's boss, george herbert walker bush has endorsed mitt romney all along and, frankly, when you take a look at colin powell, you have to wonder whether that's an endorsement based on issues or whether he's got a slightly different reason for preferring president obama. >> what reason would that be? >> well, i think when you have somebody of your own race that you're proud of bein
tax exemptions you have to cut the tax exemptions on the middle- class and governor romney says he will raise those taxes. or you can do what they have always done in just let the deficit explode again. when the economy goes it'll be a problem. or you could just gut the federal budget. gut funding for education. gut the student loan program. i spent $3 billion of your money to separate the human genome. he know how much economic activity it has generated? $790 billion. barack obama wants to raise it. they want to cut its. one thing they have not disavowed is they intend to cut medicaid by 33% over 10 years and get back to the state of ohio. medicaid provides medical coverage to lower income kids, most of them have working families. some of them are african american. some are latino. some are asian or middle eastern background. most of them are white folks. this is not a racial deal. this is an equal opportunity hosing. it is not right. most medicaid money goes to other groups. first, elderly people on medicare who spent all their money and cannot afford to be in a nursing home exce
. i'm worried about the impact on our economy and on transportation. you know, the election will take care of itself next week. >> reporter: meanwhile, for much of monday mitt romney tried to walk a fine line, balancing campaigning in ohio and iowa with compassion for storm victims. in ohio he appealed for americans to put politics aside. >> we've faced these kind of challenges before, and as we have, as soon as americans come together, and this looks like another time when we need to come together, all across the country, even here in ohio. >> reporter: still, romney did not entirely abandon politics. >> the people of the entire nation are counting on ohio because my guess is -- my guess is that if ohio votes me in as president, i'll be the next president of the united states. >> reporter: both candidates have cancelled all of their own public events for today. the president was supposed to be in colorado and wisconsin, and mr. romney had planned to be in new hampshire, but this doesn't mean the campaigns are not still battling below the radar. the latest flashpoint, a romney tv ad r
to support take us right back there again. same as what mitt romney would do, same at what president bush did. that's the congressman's voting record. so we need policies that put people back to work. that's what is going to imimprove our economy. >> he made a statement but i didn't hear anything that reseptember eled -- resembled a plan. i have plan, it's driving down healthcare costs and repealing the well-intentioned president's bill. i agree with the goals but the law will never live up to the goals of driving down costs. i have a replacement, six point replacement plan. energy, driving down costs for hard-working families and looking to the future, and i voted strongly, nine times to increase the efficiency -- >> moderator: i have to cut you off. we're fast approaching the end of the broadcast. the formal questioning is now over and each candidate now has one minute for closing statement. as determined before honda, you'll go first. >> thank you very much. this election presents very clear choices, as you heard tonight. unfortunately, the congressman has repeated over and over again that
. governor romney now, he's got an entirely different view about what this country is about. don't boo. vote. vote. he's been running around saying he's got a five-point plan for the economy. turns out it's a one-point plan. those at the top get to play by a different set of rules than you do. they get to pay lower tax rates. outsource jobs, they want to let wall street run wild, make reckless bets with other folks' money. that was the philosophy as ceo, as governor, and as president clinton said, he does have a lot of class, but he's not talking about change. all he's offering is a big rerun of the same policies that created so much hardship for so many americans. and you know, governor romney has been out here making a lot of last-minute promises lately. said he's all about fighting for the middle class. said he would cut taxes for everybody. and ask something from nobody, but the problem is we heard those promises before. keep in mind governor romney lives just a few miles south of here in the state of massachusetts. love massachusetts. but during governor romney's campaign for governor d
:30 eastern time. and we'll be slicing and dicing the jobs report and the economy with our guest host, mark zandi. also at 8:00, the former chairman of the council of economic advisers austan goolsbee will join us for the report. and then we'll get reaction from the romney campaign with ron hubbard. that's at 8:40 eastern time. obviously a lot on our plates today. andrew, i'll send it over to you. >> the coast guard opening the port of new york new jersey on a restricted basis today allowing the backlog of barges containing gasoline and fuel into the area for the first time. how soon, however, will we see relief in the area impacted by sandy? that's the big question this morning. joe knows this very well, on my way in today, i had to take a taxicab for $125 because jeeves was this line to get gas, he was out of gas. >> i tried to take a car, my guy who i call -- he is not, but he nights as well be a former -- he has never failed. on on tuesday he came. and there have been snowstorms in the past where we've gone off the road, around, jack moved tractor trailers to get here's couldn't get gas
up under 8%. matt, basic spins, romney put out a statement that says hey, this is stagnation. if you want a real recovery, you have to elect him president. president obama and obama administration saying it is proof the economy is recovering, don't change now essentially their message. >> chuck, thank you very much. tom brokaw nbc news special correspondent. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> you have been covering elections a long time. you hear people talk about possible october surprise. could sandy be october surprise? >> we had a series, the president not showing up for the first debate, benghazi, this surprise, the storm larger than anybody thought it might be two weeks ago, three weeks ago. >> how will it impact the race though? >> i don't know. it is hard to say. i think that the endorsement by mayor bloomberg may not move the needle, for example, in colorado. in ohio and places they're trying to get white men, they can say look, this guy has the endorsement of the mayor of new york city. >> even though it wasn't a warm hug. >> wasn't a warm hug but tough on romney about
of the economy. so my view, if i had any anything to say about it, would be that we ought to, we ought to repeal dodd-frank as governor romney has suggested. we ought to repeal dodd-frank and reprays it with those things that are necessary. and i'm afraid that there is very little in this act that is necessary because the financial crisis also in my view was not caused by a lack of regulation. there was plenty of power in the bank regulators to regulate the economy, regulate the way the banks operated and the act actually doesn't give them much more power except to say you must now do this much more stringently. so from my perspective we ought to, we ought to repeal the act, replace it with those things that seem sensible. there should probably be a commission of some kind that takes over the actions of the consumer financial protection bureau but not the single administrator idea that was developed and insulating that person from other kinds of controls by the president or by congress. all those things could go back into a statute but at this point it's probably better for our economy and the g
spots are the economy, the economy, the economy. after that is energy and if you look for democrats, social issues. health care being among them. host: thanks for your time. >> a look at efforts of the romney campaign to win in colorado. president obama has been to this state, he carried by a large number. how are republicans responding? >> i think since mid-september, particularly since the first debate, republicans are very energized right now. i think getting out and responding, you're seeing record visits by the republican candidate, mitt romney as well as his running mate, paul ryan. >> describe the ground game for republicans and what you need to have in place in order to win the seat of colorado? >> the ground game typically used are building your ground game about six months out from the election. clearly our candidate mitt romney was still engaged in our primary fight. what you need to have in place are thousands of volunteers dispersed amongst the i-25 corridor, and some communities on the western slope of colorado. this battle in the trenches will be determined who wins c
. the economy hasn't been so good. mitt romney after the first debate had a huge surge, and a president in a tough economy, getting reelected against a guy who has shape shifted from the primary to the general election it is always going to be a tough battle. i didn't think it would be this close. i thought president obama would still win by four points he still may, but things sure tightened up after the first debate. >> jennifer: libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson is a factor in colorado. who is he helping and who is he hurting? >> the conversionalism would say that gary johnson would help president obama. but gary johnson should be noted could play a bigger role here because he is the two-term governor of a neighboring state. gary johnson has made a big push for the ballot initiative to legalize marijuana. and he has been saying to democrats -- his come pain has been saying to democrats that president obama has intensified the drug war, if you want to make the statement about the drug war, vote for me. and i think he'll take as many votes from presi
the wind out of the sales of the romney administration that this economy is in the toilet. >> these guys would love to talk down the economy and tell you things are a lot worse than they really are, what they -- and here is worst of all. they want to go back to the same policies that got us into this mess. that's the biggest hoodwink of all. they want to go back to the same tax cuts for the wealthy showered on them, even though they are doing great, hoping that will trickle down to folks in the middle class. that's what got us into this mess, and what we spent four years digging ourselves out of. we can't go back to the same policies that we had under president bush. >> bill: yeah. almost every one of my liberal, democratic friends i talked to say, i'm really nervous i'm really nervous about tuesday. you must hear that too. what do you tell people? >> i think a little nervousness is okay. because what i want us to do is -- look we remember 2000? right? we lost florida by about 534 votes. 534 nervous people would have called 534 other nervous people, we would have had a
. although things are getting bad now. and he said he has a much different record than mitt romney. let me show you the good portions of his policies. he would double fuel economy for cars by 2025. he would increase solar and wind energy and eliminate $4 billion in annual tax breaks for oil and gas companies. he's tried to do that, and of course the republicans have blocked it. that's the good. let's show you the bad. the copenhagen summit which so many people had great hopes for that pretty much got nothing done. they had a voluntary agreement--wow. he has basically abandoned cap and trade. no question the republicans fought him on that, but there was no second effort at all. he has approved the southern half of the keystone pipeline and i tell you the minute he's elected--not the minute, i like to be accurate--but when he's re-elected he'll approve the northern half as well. and of course he brags how he has done more drilling than george w. bush. which is true. now here is president obama talking about in the second presidential debate about how great he is at oil drilling. >> obama: we
. >> caller: hi. voting for romney because you blame obama for the economy is like gray davis in 1999. blaming enron and what they did to california on recalling him. >> he was the one who tried to prevent that disaster. >> stephanie: schwarzenegger turned out to be so great. [ wah wah ] >> a few things in his nature. what exactly would you do as governor? >> things of that nature. >> those kinds of things. >> stephanie: we figured out what he was. what things of this nature went. what he was going to do was... the maid. >> there you go. >> stephanie: greg in boston you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> hey stephanie. thank you for taking my call. happy halloween. thank you for letting me speak also with elvira. i love elvira. >> oh, thank you. >> stephanie: is there a man alive who doesn't? for god's sake. >> the straights the gays, everybody. >> let me just tell you that. >> thank you. >> stephanie: you make men giddy. look at you. >> caller: make me giddy but it doesn't take a lot to make me giddy.
a problem with the economy and are thinking of voting for romney. they're not focused on all of the social issues, are not focusing on the privacy issues. so this video is really an attempt for people -- and a humorous way but an attempt to at least focus on that as the clock ticks down here before the election. >> stephanie: you know, it must drive you crazy like it does me. it was just yesterday talking to a friend who's like oh, yeah, my mom's husband is going to vote for romney because all he cares about is his money and taxes and i know the guy. he doesn't make anywhere near $250,000. i don't know what he makes but not a lot. >> i guess my feeling on that was they've been fighting that out through four debates and somehow we did the four debates and social issues were barely mentioned. that person who may be -- you can't turn on the economy perhaps you can still turn that person on a lot of the issues that they care about. but when you see what's going on with the republican senate candidates and paul ryan'
Search Results 750 to 783 of about 784 (some duplicates have been removed)